Tournament Start Date:

6th - 12th SEPTEMBER 2021

Tournament Total Prize Pool



To Play Games, Win $$$
and Make Friends



UTS Esport is proud to be supporting Activate UTS Self-Care Week. We believe during this difficult lockdown period, gaming will play a pivot role in providing entertainment and human connections. During the 6th - 12th of September, UTS Esports will be running daily competitions with your favourite esport games. There will be a combined cash prize pool of $1,000+ up for grabs so register now!

Victory Week is all inclusive:

Free to join for all UTS Students, regardless of skill level

Be matched with a team or find your own

Join a passionate esports community of 450+ UTS students

All players will have a chance to win cash prizes


Starting from Monday 6th of September UTS Esports Victory Week will have a dedicated game with various matches starting 7pm each night (6pm for CS:GO). More information about the game details can be found below via the registration forms. If you have any questions  for a specific game please contact the organiser directly via Discord, or ask the admins on the UTS Esports Discord server.

Register Now and win $$$ prizes!

UTS Esport with the support of Activate UTS will be providing cash prizes for winner of the various tournaments. With cash prizes up for grabs each night the total prize pool over the week is over $1,000. We encourage you to reach out to your friends to start a team to compete in different games. Not only will you get to having fun together but you will have a chance to win some awesome cash prizes!








Frequently Asked Questions

In collaboration with UTS Activate's “Self Care Week”, Victory Week aims at providing UTS Students with entertainment during this difficult lockdown period. Victory Week is all inclusive and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email or through the links below:

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What is Victory Week?

Victory Week is a prized tournament, featuring the following games: Overwatch, CS:GO, League of Legends, Minecraft, Valorant, CS:GO and some online party games. Victory week will start from the 6th of September and conclude on the 12th. Each night tournament organisers will host a game around 7pm in which anyone is welcome to participate regardless or skill.

I’m not a UTS Student can I still join?

Yes! - Victory Week encourages anyone to join, so make sure to invite your friends and family, no one is excluded. Just create a free UESL account or login to your existing account.

I’m not good at X Game can I still join?

Yes! - Victory Week encourages anyone to join, the tournament is mostly aimed at making friends and having fun. There will also be participation prizes.

How do you determine the winners?

Each Day prizing will be determined by the tournament organiser. Please reach out to them as ever game is different. We will also be giving out participation $$$ prizes, to the players who engaged Victory Week the most.

Where can I see the leaderboard?

Once the Day is over the leaderboard will be announced on social media, be sure to follow UTS Esports when this happens. The winners will be notified via discord or their email. Where the prize fund will be transferred via player's nominated bank account.